Jun 132018

La modelo Kristbjörg Jónasdóttir y esposa de Aron Gunnarsson, capitán de la Selección de Islandia, es muy conocida en el mundo 2.0. 


A pesar de que esté embarazada, la blonda no para de hacer ejercicios. A diario, comparte con sus seguidores, su rutina de ejercicios y su duro entrenamiento que sirve para motivar a las demás mujeres a cuidar su figura. 


��Birthday Workout�� I’m currently in Doha where Aron is having his recovery. It was so lovely to wake up with the sun shining and it was actually warm outside���� Unfortunately Òliver hasn’t been well since we came here and we spent most of our day inside chilling. When he had his nap earlier today I managed to squeeze in a good workout on the balconies. If you wanna feel that extra �� in your bum and legs give this one a go�� _______________________________ Since I turned 31 today I decided to have reps as so.. ��31x each leg/exercise ��3-4 rounds ��31 sec rest between rounds (or 1 min) _______________________________ Using my STRONGER resistance bands for���� You can purchase yours at www.krisj.is �� #strongerbykrisj #stronger #birthdaygirl #birthdayworkout #31 #25weekspregnant #fitpregnancy #Doha

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This is me at 21+ weeks. As you can see my bump is getting bigger by the day!�������� _____________________________________ When I was pregnant with Oliver it was so hard for me to see my body change because I was used to being in a competition shape , so seeing my body change shape took a little time for me to get my head around. I felt a bit of a pressure from the outside world to “look good” while I was pregnant because I’m a PT and used to do fitness competitions. _____________________________________ But you know what, if i put on extra weight, who cares, as i am growing a little miracle lnside of me, yes I will keep exercising but im not going to panic when i see the scales creeping up or a little extra cellulite appear. ______________________________________ I’m feeling really good at this point and Im embracing all the changes in my body�� #pregnancy #fitpregnancy #strongerbykrisj #21weekspregnant #stronger

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▪️Shoulder Workout▪️ I went to the gym earlier with @lydiarees to train shoulders. We didn’t have much time and we wanted to make the most out of our session so we did some cardio between every exercise to get our heart rate up ���� ___________________________________ ▪️each shoulder exercise is superset with a cardio exercise (1&2, 3&4…) ▪️4 sets of each supersets ▪️30 sec rest between sets ▪️reps are shown on the video __________________________________ #strongerbykrisj #stronger #shoulderworkout #sportvorur #wearefit #pregnancy #halfway #fitpregnancy

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I’m just about half way through my pregnancy, time just flies�������� We already know what we are having and I’m so excited to share it with you guys �� What do you think it is a ��or a ��? @arongunnarsson _________________________________ I’m feeling so much better now and love being able to exercise, that keeps me sane�� ����I did a really fun circuit this morning with sandbag which I’m gonna share with you guys tonight or tomorrow���� @sportvorur #strongerbykrisj #stronger #fitpregnancy #blessed #sportvorur #wearefit #isitaboyorgirl

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¡Mamita sexy!


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