May 122022

If you are someone that keeps your eye on trends, something that you have likely noticed is that y2k is making a comeback. If you are not sure what y2k is, it is basically an appreciation for all things from the 2000s. This includes the fashion of the times, the music from the 2000s, and even the culture of the time. Think of the TV shows that were on at the time and what everyone was obsessed with.

People that enjoy the style of y2k adore all things from the 2000s and they are eager to relive these years. Because so many people are longing to return to the 2000s, a lot of trends from the time are now making a comeback. Fashion, in particular, is becoming heavily influenced by trends from the 2000s and it is likely that you have noticed this. If you have not noticed this, here are a few of the fashion trends of the 2000s that are making a comeback.

Hair Extensions

If you were growing up in the 2000s, something that you would have definitely remembered women with hair extensions down to their bums. In the 2000s, the longer the hair extensions the better, and people didn’t even try and blend them in, as the fake look is really in.

For some time, a lot of us turned to the more natural look and we embraced the real length of our hair. However, over the last few years, there has been a definite comeback in the number of people using hair extensions once again. These days people are making sure that their hair extensions look a lot more like real hair and I am also quite partial to this trend. Because I don’t want my hair to look fake, I always visit hair extension specialists in Perth as I can trust them to do a great job.

Hair Clips

In the 2000s, everyone was absolutely obsessed with hair clips. You could transform any simple hairdo with the help of a big clip and in the 2000s, we were not afraid to try and put as many clips in our hair as possible.

For some time, we moved away from clips and they were not considered to be fashionable. However, in the last few years, clips have made a huge comeback. To start off with, we all started wearing subtle silver and gold clips to add a bit of sparkle to our outfits.

Recently, we have started to return to the kind of colorful clips that we all wore in the 2000s and we are not afraid to take a step back to some of the most childish clips that make our outfits really pop.


Something that none of us expected to have a comeback is crocs. A lot of people have some pretty negative opinions about crocs and when they were initially introduced to the world, many of us thought that they were incredibly ugly and they could not imagine wearing them.

However, it seems as though everyone has changed their opinion about crocs and there are a lot of people out there that are now obsessed with them. In the past, the crocs company was very close to bankruptcy, but the company has managed to make a complete comeback.

Every year, the company is releasing new and exciting designs for their shoes and they are becoming much more creative with their designs. They are also collaborating with a lot of other businesses on other products, such as bags and other brilliant accessories. Nobody expected that crocs would ever make a comeback, but here they are.


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