Jun 062022

Trends are a fickle thing. They appear seemingly out of nowhere and take the world by storm. For a brief moment, it seems as if everyone and their mother has been swept up by it. We assume this is just how life is going to be from now on. Then, as quickly as it arrived, it vanished. Leaving behind only a few die-hard fans or users.

But some trends defy the odds and stick around. Changing the way the world works forever. Things like the internet, which was seen as a passing fad by many, is now one of the biggest technologies on the planet and is integral to running nearly every part of modern society. But we want to focus on a specific trend today. CBD. And we want to see if CBD has become fashionable? Or is it still just a passing fad.

What is CBD

You may have heard of CBD as it has become increasingly popular over the last few years. But what exactly is it? CBD is a cannabinoid much like THC, or weed as it is more commonly known. But unlike weed, CBD does not make you high. While on CBD you can still function as you did before, if not better.

CBD has a lot of physical benefits. It can help alleviate physical pain in your joints and muscles. It can help alleviate feelings of depression and anxiety and generally boosts your mood. CBD can be consumed in many different forms depending on what you want to get out of it. Some people use CBD vapes for pain relief and combating mental health issues. CBD gummies are popular for people looking to relax. And you can even get CBD tea to help you unwind and clear your mind.

Why It Became so Popular

CBD came seemingly out of nowhere and has become one of the most popular consumed substances in the west. But why is that? A lot of it has to do with legality. CBD is legal in nearly every western country. So much so that you can find entire stores dedicated to selling CBD products wherever you go. And there are hundreds of online stores as well.

Secondly, it is a lot less scary than THC. The high experience from THC isn’t for everyone. And the war on drugs campaign has instilled a lot of fear in a large percentage of the global population. So when a product appeared that offered a lot of the health benefits without the high it is no wonder so many people jumped at the chance of taking it. Many medical professionals now actively recommend CBD to their patients. Even just patients who have trouble sleeping or are stressed about everyday life.

Is It Fashionable?

The big question we want to look at is this: Is CBD Fashionable? First we have to examine what makes something fashionable. In the literal sense if something is in fashion then it is very popular and it is used by a large percentage of the population. A recent study found that roughly 36% of Americans use CBD. And that number is far higher in Europe where people are less taboo about substances. So in that sense we could argue CBD is fashionable.

But what about the style sense? Is it “cool” to use CBD? Usually something is considered cool or fashionable if it is used by celebrities or influencers. A lot of people tend to follow whatever their favorite celebrities are doing. People like Snoop Dog made weed incredibly popular when he rose to prominence. People like Charli D’emilio made TikTok dancing one of the most popular things on the internet.

And CBD is no different. Over the last few years we have seen a massive increase in the number of influencers and celebs talking about and using CBD. People like Kim Kardashian, Tom Hanks, and Lil Wayne have all publicly stated they use CBD in their day to day life. So it is safe to say that in that regard CBD is definitely fashionable.

That isn’t to say it will always remain so. Something might appear that takes the place of CBD and it could fade into obscurity. But I honestly think it is going to be around for a long time yet.


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